6 Google Play Store Alternatives FOR Developers!

While there are many app stores/websites which allow users to download apps/.apk files for free. There are a few of them that i know of that allow APP DEVELOPERS to publish your apps to their networks for FREE of charge! Here are the 6 alternatives to the Google Play Store where you can publish your apps FREE unlike the Play Store’s one time $25 registration fee!

So, without any further a due lets get you connected to them so you can start publishing your apps FREE and for you to start making MONEY!

1. Getjar

GetJar has been around longer than the Google Play Store. This app store website has over 3 million downloads a day and over 30 million a month! GetJar reaches 2300+ phones and the upload process of your apps requirements are minimum and at NO costs.

2. Amazon App Store

Amazon app store is a rival to the Google play store. But unlike the Google Play Store there are no registration fees! Get your apps out on the MOST popular networks around FREE of charge!

3. Yandex App Store

Yandex is a russian based web company. Kinda like google they have their own networks and app store where you can publish you apps! You have to sign up and create an account to publish your apps and everything is free of charge!

4. Mobango

Mobango is India’s leading app store for Android users. Mobango gets more than 20 million users a month and has over 1 million daily downloads! Sign up for FREE and get in on the action!

5. APKPure

APKPure is another FREE alternative to the Google Play Store. And like the over developer app portals this one is FREE! Just signup and publish your apps! APKPure has a use base of up to 10,000,000 users around the world so this app store is also a good place to publish your apps for free!.

6. Torrapk

TorrApk is an alternative store for free Android apps. It is FREE to sign up and you will have to sign up as a developer to publish apps! If you sign up for a user account you will then have to contact the staff by email to enable the developers portal in order for you to submit your apps! Once your signed in click on your name at the top right and click on “too;s for developers” to start publishing your app!

These are the 6 alternative platforms i use to publish my apps! There are more platforms out there that i don’t know of and there is 2 that i’ve used but had no good dealing with them since my apps weren’t being published. But if you want to check out these other 2 sites then go for it! Maybe you’ll have better luck than me in publishing your apps!

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