App Not Installed! – How To Download Apps From “Unknown” Sources?

There are a fews ways you can download apps that you cannot find in the google play store. Even when you download apps from amazons App-Store, despite how “HUGE” of a conglomerate they are, apps from their App-Store will still register as an “Unknown” source. That’s because android devices are embedded with google “code” which allows apps to be download with easy through the Google Play Store.

So… if you want to be able to download some apps that aren’t “Google” certified and with out downloading any other apps to open the “Unknown” the file then there is about two ways to do it. Check the video below.

1)  Allow Apps from Unknown Sources

This is the most common issue which could cause the error on mobile or tablet.

Go to Settings Security  Unknown Sources. Enable Unknown Sources. And then try installing App.

2)  Reset All the App Preference

  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Open Apps or Apps manager.
  • check for All Apps.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Click on ‘Reset App Preferences’.

When you use method (2) your app configuration will be set to default. So you will have to go into “settings” then “Open Apps or Apps manager” then go to “chrome” or your web app browser then “permission” then turn on “storage”

**You have to turn on the web apps storage to be able to download files!

Those are the two way to download an app from a “unknown” source.

Sometimes the failed installation can be because of network problems or because or your network connections.

And if you tried the two ways up above and you are still unable to download the app, try turning off your phone then back on. Sometimes the system needs to configure and turning your phone off can help with that when you turn it back on.

Also, check your web settings and delete caches and file data saved on your phone, close website tab and app tabs and check your downloads in your browser settings and delete any files.

I’ve been downloading and deleting the app to see the download sufficiency, anf sometimes it takes a few tries to download. I believe this might have something to do with my network connection. But if everything if top-notch over at your end then the app should download with ease.

See the image below?


If you deny access downloading apps from “unknown” sources will no longer be easily allowed! You will have to go through one or both steps above to be able to download the app.

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