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Introducing The FIRST EVER Networking App That Allows You To Get FREE YOUTUBE VIEWS!

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(Click the image to access the app from Getjar or below from amazon!)

Got a youtube channel? Great! Now all you need is views! But we all know who hard it can be to get views on your videos so you can start making cold hard cash!

So, how do you plan on getting those video views? Do you plan on paying for it? Or do you plan waiting for a miracle? Or, last but not the least, do you plan on working really hard for “X” amount of years building and growing?

Nothing is wrong with any of these methods (rubbing magic lamp…) but with the Get Views – Tic4Tac app you can rest assure that you WILL get views to your video for as long as you view other peoples video! Hence the “tic 4 tac” meaning!

How does the app work?

You simply signup. No password needed!


You’ll then be directed here where you have to fill in and add your site!

Once you’ve done that you can now start watching other peoples youtube videos by clicking the button in the middle “Click To Watch Video!”.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can’t pick and chose what videos you want to watch. As soon as you click the button you will be sent to other users videos who are online, whatever that youtubers channel video maybe. The only way to send your video into the system is by clicking the button and once your video has been watched it gets KICKED out of the system! So the ONLY way to add it back in is to watch another users video by clicking the get traffic button!

There is a timer timing your visits to each site, so if users leave the app while visiting or cheat they will get 1 strike! If you get 3 strikes you will get put on time out for 900 seconds (15 minutes)

So, lets do some simple math!

Lets say you use this app for 1 hour a day. Users are required to stay on the visited site for 1 minute and 15 seconds each visit. You get 4 video views in about 5 minutes: 1.25(1 minute 15 seconds) x 4 = 5. That’s 8 video views in 10 minutes and 48 video views in an hour! 48 x 7 = 336 video views in a week! And 1344 visits a month and 16,128 video views a year! All that by networking on this app, watching other peoples videos in exchange for your videos to be watched!

Now imagine if you had someone helping you on this app to get views? Or even a team of people!

This app is FANTASTIC for new youtubers looking to increase their views for FREE and without any hassle whatsoever! If you are looking for magical way to get views them i suggest you take a nap and dream of one! A lot of people want miracles to happen rather than making a way for themselves! Are you the type to want things to land in your lap without working for it, even just a little?

I ask you this… Are you getting 48 views a day on your video? (You can get up to this much by networking for 1hr a day. You can get even more views networking for longer hours). 336 views in a week? And 1344 views in a month to your site?

If you aren’t even getting this type of traffic than the question becomes, “what are you doing that is so important that you can’t even take an hour out of your day to network to increase your web traffic?”

I say all this because my friends and family are all like that! They know that they can make the most out of helping each other but we all got our own lives and we just gotta do want we do! LOL!

And think about this! How MANY more views will you get because people see that your videos have hundreds of more views than before? Thousands? This app is great because not only will you get views HERE through networking but from OUTSIDE the app! HOW? Because NOW with the increased views you got networking people will think you videos are more interesting!

People are simply attracted to what is more and bigger! And because your views INCREASED by networking on the app youtube users will be MORE interested in watching your video because of the VIEW COUNT!

The best time to network on this app without giving up your everyday activities is when you are traveling! Instead of watching all those funny videos and the what-not on youtube and facebook without getting any views in return while you are going or coming from work or school or wherever, traveling on the bus, train or subway, or any other means of travel that you take, you could and should be using that time to NETWORK to increase your video views and your channel! Getting views to your youtube videos is as simple as pushing a button! LITERALLY!

What are you waiting for? Do you need video views on your youtube channel? Do you want video views on your youtube channel? Then download the Get Views – Tic4Tac app FREE and get views!

Available on the Amazon appstore and on Getjar!

(Click the image to go to amazon to get the app)

0getviews poster

We also have a Web Traffic version! Get Traffic – Tic 4 Tac!

Need Traffic to your WEBSITE?

Get the FREE Get Traffic -Tic4Tac app and start getting web traffic FREE!

Promote and get leads FREE!


Want the Get Traffic – Tic 4 Tac App? Click HERE.

You can check other means to get youtube views but this is the best and simplest way to do it all by just clicking a button! – HEREHEREHERE

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11 thoughts on “Get Views – Tic 4 Tac

  1. I just started a YouTube channel last week!! Zero content at the moment. But I would for sure use this app to help get views once I get it up and going. Thanks for the info!!


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