How To Make $100 Plus Monthly In Passive Income?

If anyone told you that you could make THOUSANDS of dollar fast, at home, online, with just a few clicks or by investing in some marketing scheme… well, they gotcha!

Such opportunities are more likely to be a scam and these scammers like to prey on the vulnerable. These scammers are able to do their work because there are miracles and opportunity out there in the world so they are able to ride the wind cheating whoever they can as they blow.

The rule of thump you should adopt is, “if it’s too good to be true, then it most likely isn’t.”

If you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme you might as well wish upon a shooting star or play the lottery!

The schemes these scammers play do get people rich, though. It just isn’t going to be you! Here is a quick example: you get an email or you see a post on some social media saying join and make quick money. You join and you have to go though all these processes only to figure out you where duped! Or, in order to MAKE ” said ” amount of money fast you are requires to go though so much factors that you can’t or wont bother to do because they are requesting your credit card number and other sensitive information. By the time you have reached this point you would have probably seen many ads on the site spending “X” amount of time just going though the process. This all means that the people who made the site is RAKING in the dough just from YOUR presence, time spent on the site from viewing all those ads and other methods such as clicks.

See how that works? A CRAP load of money is being made, just not by you or anyone who gets sucked into these traps.

If you are looking to make some PASSIVE income online and you have ( NO ) skills, then making and adequate amount of money to sustain yourself is off the table. If you have skills then you could always do freelance work and get paid to put your skills to good use or you could use your car and get paid to drive for Uber or Lyft or any other means along those lines.

If you are like me, a folk with no skills or spare time to drive other folks around or you’re trying to make some PASSIVE cash without spending a DIME then there are a few options you can try that pays via paypal and/or gift cards.

1. Play To Win!

I like this one because it passes time! There are apps out there that you can play to earn credits which you can later cash out of gift cards or cash reward. Some games require skill which others is all about luck! There are 3 games  play to try to win some cash! With SpinWin 100 Dollars you get a $10 bonus when you download the app. The other 2 is a scratch card game and a bingo game. Click HERE to get the apps!

2. Do Surveys.

( Let me get this out of my system! ) I have seen a lot of people hyping up these survey organizations, telling people that they could make 100’s of dollar by doing these surveys on social media. THIS IS ALL A LIE! The reason why people say these things is because some of these survey companies pay you for each referral you get. So if  someone told you, “hey, you want to make a $100 fast? Just sign up and do a couple of surveys and get paid!” And then you go and sign up thinking you’re going to make some quick money really fast only to realize that making that $100 isn’t going to be fast and you’re going to have to do a hell of a lot more than a few surveys to get that money. But, hey… the Decepticons got their referral money from your signup and the game goes on…

But anyways… doing surveys CAN get you some PASSIVE INCOME in your pocket! Just don’t hold your breath in thinking that you will be making 100’s of dollars from it. I have been doing these surveys on and off now for a while and it usually takes me about 3 – 4 weeks to reach the thresholds for each company i’m with.

Here is some proof of my work!

This company is from InboxDollars or DailyRewards survey program.




Easy money, right? As you can see you get a 5 dollar bonus for signing up! Let take a look at my $4.75 earnings!


My recent earnings! I got 4 dollars for a survey! The survey took about a half hour though… There are surveys that can pay you up to $50 or more but those surveys usually require you to do more than just answer questions. Some will ask for your billing info and phone or computer data or for you to download some software and the likes. If you aren’t willing to go though all of that then you can expect surveys that pay no more than $5. As you will see below the majority of the surveys that come in are less than a $1 but they do add up! Surveys can take as short as 3 minutes up to 60 minutes but the average time is about 10 – 15 minute with survey payouts from .25 cents to a couple dollars

The image below is a look into my $12.70 earnings!




As you can see, it doesn’t take long before the money started to pile up! I will be cashing out anytime soon concluding the time it takes me to complete and reach the payout threshold which is about ( 3 – 4 weeks )!

Signup here for InboxDollars/DailyRewards: Click HERE

Like i said up above, “If you are looking for a ‘get rich quick’ scheme you might as well wish upon a shooting star or play the lottery!

With that being said, you’re going to have to put in some work to make this cash! These surveys are a good way to make PASSIVE income and to pass time. A few extra dollars in your pocket at the months end! Tel me, what could you do with a extra $100 and change?

Anyone telling you that you can make 100’s of dollars fast by doing these surveys is a LIAR and a CHEAT!

So, anyways… the next survey company i’m with is SwagBucks. It’s pretty much like InboxDollars and DailyReward. You get a $5 bonus for signing up and the survey payouts and length are pretty much the same. The payout Threshold is $25 for this company. I cashed out $25 about a week ago and im back at it already making money, adding up the dollars! You can make money or “swagbucks” in this case by browsing the web, playing games and downloading apps so, it’s not all about surveys with SwagBucks in order for you to earn credit to get paid without spending your own cash!




Signup here for SwagBucks: Click HERE

Another survey company is iPoll. The payout threshold is $25. There are no bonuses and the surveys take as long as the other with similar pay.



So… as you can see, from just these 3 survey companies you can make up to $80 a month! It’s good for PASSIVE income like i said earlier. you could be taking the bus or train and simply be doing a survey or 2 or you can be watching t.v or just taking a break. And in doing so you can be earning a few bucks here and there which will eventually add up. No ” get rich quick ” scheme here! You have to put in the work to make some cash. That’s it! I’m always happy to make this type of easy cash! Are you?

Signup here for iPoll: Click HERE

There are other survey companies out there but these are the three i use and to be honest if i used more that would eventually split my time up which might result in not completing the surveys in a timely manner which would mean it would take longer to get paid because the cash you earn will be split into these other companies you’re with. You’ll then have t make the threshold for all of companies your with before getting paid! So, i just stick with these 3 survey companies for now!




3. Click Ads For Cash!


Another way to make money is from this ad click company! That’s RIGHT! You get paid to CLICK ADS! Now, with this company, they only give you a few ads to click as a silver member which is free when you signup. Being a silver member will take a very long time just to make $50 buy clicking ads. So if you want to get paid by a monthly or near monthly basis, get an UPGRADED account! I Upgraded to a gold member and i’m making about a $1 + a day literally just by clicking ads! The payout is $50 and it does take a bit longer than a month to get paid if you were just doing the ad clicks. You can also earn up to $15 a day with an HTML code for ads. So, if you have traffic on your site you can earn extra cash FASTER!

Look at the image below – top right. It say, “HTML Code” I only got .01 cent out of the impressions for now on my site but you can see that if you had a ton of  traffic on your site you can potentially make more money!






Signup here for Star-Clicks! Get a FREE Publishers account and start making money by CLICKING ADS: Click – HERE –




4. Make A Slogan!

You can make more than PASSIVE income with this site with some luck and a slogan! There is a site out there that people/small businesses and companies use that pays the winning contestant money for their original slogans. You simple signup for FREE and when there is a contest, someone in need for a slogan for their business, you enter that contest where you are given 3 entries to make your slogans. The contest lasts for 7 days before it is closed and the search for the best slogan begins. You can rank your slogans with the help of your friends but at the end of the day the person(s) running the contest gets to choose what they want. I have seen a few slogans go for a WHOPPING $900 – 999! But on average people/companies pay about $50 – $150 for a slogan.


(Update. As of Nov, 2019 you now have to pay to be able to enter the contests. You get up to 4 entries to each contest. Each entry cost $0.75 and $2.99 for 4.)




Signup here for SloganSlingers: Click – HERE

I been summiting slogans for about 6 months now and to be honest i haven’t won any thing… **weep weep** LOL But i still try! As for the surveys and the ad click companies i can TESTIFY whole-heartedly that i make an easy $100 PLUS by the months end!

So, once again, if you are looking for a “get rich quick” scheme you might as well wish upon a shooting star or play the lottery!

But, if you are looking for some PASSIVE income, $100 & CHANGE by the months ends then you should try the sites i mention up above!

Are you selling/promoting/advertising items/services or are you looking to buy items/services? Check out our buy/sell promote/advertise Facebook group here:




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17 thoughts on “How To Make $100 Plus Monthly In Passive Income?

  1. I used to answer online surveys back then and some of it is amazing! It takes time and it’s not the ‘get rick instantly’ type of earning. Click ads, it’s the first time I read that – I think I’ll go check it out! Thanks for the tips!


  2. There are so many things out there that you can make money from that I never thought of. Like slogans and click rates where surveys are a little more common.


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