Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing

There are many affiliate programs to choose from out there. But a lot of them require you to have some type of social standing. For example: you need more than ” X ” amount of followers before the company even looks your way or you need to have your OWN website to host their ad banners. Then there are some that pay you for each referral you bring in and many others that don’t and some that pay for impressions and clicks on the links they provided you to promote.

All in all, these companies usually recruit or allow people to sell their product or service for a commission/percentage of the cost of the item.


So, let’s assume you don’t have any significant followings on social media nor do you have your own website which brings in traffic . From this look, there is no chance of a high-end affiliate company going to partner with you. That’s just the truth. Not to say that this is a bad or good thing. You have to look at it like this; if you don’t have a large following you aren’t going to get much CPC’s and CPM’s! Therefore your money would be held up in your account for a long while until you do manage to meet your payment threshold. So, plain and simple these companies aren’t going to entertain any partnership if that partnership isn’t going to be worth their while.

As for affiliate programs that require you to have a website? The reason why they need you to have a website is because they want you to advertise THEIR banner ads. Most of these affiliate programs don’t pay you for CPC or CPM. They only pay you if someone has MADE a PURCHASE though your link. Usually these types of affiliate program allows your SPECIFIC link data to be saved up to 90 days by site visitor as they accept the terms to the usage of the sites cookies.


Another way affiliate programs are ran is that when you signup with a certain affiliate program they GIVE you a FREE website of your own to sell their products! You don’t have to worry about inventory or startup cost or even the shipping cost! They do all of the ground work but it is up to YOU to promote your affiliate website and get customers to buy the product so you can make a cut out of the profits.

With all that being said, it is kinda hard to sell and make money as an affiliate partner if you don’t have any significant social media following and/or you don’t have the means to get your website/links out in front of a large audience.


I am currently partnered with 3 affiliate companies that don’t require you to have a website or large social media following. In fact i am advertising my affiliate products ABOVE right now! Click the 3 images ( ABOVE ) to visit my affiliate sites!

If you want to be a partner with these companies and get your ” affiliate marketing ” on, cool! You can signup by clicking the links below!

Want to become a CBD partner: Click HERE

Want to become a Spreadshirt partner: Click HERE

Want to become a Shoe designer partnered with AliveShoes ( you have to get accept first before you can start making and selling your shoes ): Click HERE

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