Make Money Watching Ads!

Want to make easy money simple by watching ads? Then this app is RIGHT for you!

Download the app and start making money FAST! Each ad you watch you get paid 1 cent! Now, of course this isn’t a get rich quick scheme and of course you’re going to have to watch a lot of ads to make money. With every watched ad paying 1 cent you will have to watch 100 ads just to get a dollar…

Don’t quit you day job thinking you are going to get rich off this! But you can earn some side money as easy as pressing a button and waiting for about 15 – 30 seconds since that about the time duration for each ad video length.

So, Let’s Do Some Math!

Each video watched = 1 credit = 1 cent.

Each video ad duration is about 15 – 30 seconds. Let’s just say 20 seconds instead of 22.5 seconds.

With that you can watch 3 ads in about 1 minute. So in about 1 minute you can make 3 cents/credits.

10 minutes of ad watch time = 30 cents. And 60 minutes/1 hour of ad watch time = $1.80

You get a $2 bonus to start with and cash out is at $5 dollars.

You will need to watch about 1 hour and 40 minutes or so ad time to get $3. Add that $3 to the bonus and you can cash out!

So, with that you you will need to watch 300 ads which will take about 1 hour and 40 minutes to 2 hours in order to make your first cash out!

It might sound like a lot of ads to watch and a lot of time spent on doing it, lol which it is, but if you use this app during specific times like, travelling to and from work or during commercial breaks when watching t.v or when ever you have to spend, you’ll see that the time will fly by and the money stacking high!

The app is ONLY available for United States, Canadian and UK residents at the moment.


(Click the image to get the app.)


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15 thoughts on “Make Money Watching Ads!

  1. Not too bad for making use of your downtime. I bet I could easily watch a couple ads while riding (not driving) in the car, sitting in a waiting room, or even laying in bed before I fall asleep. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s interesting to think if I can put 1 hour a day of my down time to casually watching a couple ads… It would add up to $650 per year!!


    1. this is obviously not a get rich scheme… and it is a simple way to make money simply by watching ads. now imagine using this app an hour a day when yu travel from work or waiting for an an appointment. or anywhere in between!


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