Transcriptionist NEEDED – Work From Home Jobs!

Many people are unaware of HOW important transcriptions are! Transcriptions are EVERYWHERE! Take youtube or Netflix for an example. The transcriptions in this case are the subtitles! Someone had to take the time of day to set the text in place lining the sentences up with the audio for the viewers to be able to read them accordingly with the video.

When it comes to transcriptions knowing foreign languages is a HUGE bonus because you can take extra jobs which pay more to be translated!

You have to apply before you are excepted and able to take jobs. There is a skill test you first have to complete in order for the companies to determine your level of skill and accuracy. You don’t have to be a pro to be a transcriptionist. All you need is good listening skills, spelling is accurate and you are able to complete the job in a timely manner. Check out a few sites below that are always growing their team of transcriptionist! There are many more site out there but these are the top sites i have come across paying the highest with some of them with 100’s of open positions for hire!

1) Daily Transcription

2) TranscribeMe

3) REV

4) Scribie

5) CanScribe


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8 thoughts on “Transcriptionist NEEDED – Work From Home Jobs!

  1. I have honestly thought about transcribing. Thank you for making this list. It will help during my consideration of the profession.


  2. Great advice for those who may need to earn from home. I’ve never really read into transcribing, so this great information.


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