Where To Make Apps FREE Online?

Looking for a way to create apps FREE online but don’t know where to begin? Well, look no further because here you will find out where you can make apps FREE of charge and online through your browser!

There are no signups whatsoever! You simply sign in with your google account!

There are a handful of sites out there but i will be telling you the ones i personally use!

Keep in mind that even though these platforms are FREE to use, some of these app creator platforms extract commission cost simply by adding their own ad codes to your app.

How does the commission payment work?

Instead of your ads showing 100% of the time in your app, your ads would only show, lets say 90% if the app creator platform you use commission costs is 10%. You don’t have to pay them directly and neither do they charge you with a bill. You get paid for your ads which will show 90% of the time in your app and they get paid for their ads which will show up 10% of the time.

1) Appybuilder

I would say that Appybuilder is the best of them all because you don’t have to pay any commission cost for using their features. But, as of late, Appybuilder is soon to be merging with another app creator platform that does take commission from your app if you do use these feature. With that being said, Appybuilder might be implementing a commission fee as well for selected components and features.

2) Thunkable

Thunkable was created by two MIT colleagues who worked on a project called app inventor for google which was taken over by MIT. There are commission costs for building apps for monetization but the people at Thunkable have stated that they plan on making a paid service for those who want to retain 100% of their profits.

3) Kodular

Kodular is the app creator platform i was referring to about the merger with Appybuilder. Kodular charges commission for some of their feature/components if you use them and if you monetize your app. The total cost of all their commission features with monetization if you use them all comes up to 25%. Kodular has stated that they are working on lowing that cost and maybe even adding some paid features.

4) MIT App Inventor 2

App Inventor as mention above was the original app creator platform which all 3 platforms i also mention above sprung out of. Unlike the 3 platforms i mention above you are not able to monetize apps created on the MIT App Inventor platform.


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